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YU YuFit hands On and first impression

YU announced the YuFit on May 12 in the Yuphoria launch event. The fitness band aims to become one of the most affordable devices in the country. At the event, we had a Yu YuFit hands on time for a short period. Based on that and from reading around the web, we pen down our first impressions.


The YuFit solely aims to be the Mi Band competitor. It is priced at Rs 999 which is exactly the price of most affordable band from Xiaomi. So in our YU YuFit hands on, lets discover if you should get this or instead opt for the Mi Band.

The YuFit is a basic fitness band which has a OLED display and motion sensors which measures daily activities. The strap is made up of silicon with a plastic center unit holding the small sensor module. The band is moderately comfortable to wear but we are worried about the quality after it is worn for about 6 months or so. Being priced at just Rs 999 makes it cheap and so you have to trade-off with the material quality.


On the other hand, the Xiaomi Mi Band might not have a display which works to its advantage in terms of build quality. The band has a metal sensor whereas the YuFit has a polycarbonate shell on top of the OLED display. The screen gets scratched easily. If you can’t even see the data on the display properly after a couple of months usage, what’s the point of having one. Thus, we are not sure if the display will be readable or it will hold up on top of the band after a period of time.

There is also a readability issues in sunlight and most people workout outdoors mostly. So, if you cannot read the notifications and alerts outdoors, it’s better to not have a display and instead have a decent build quality. Also, you do not get rich notifications either which you cannot do without in any case. The capacitive button is also not that responsive which is needed to activate the display.

The OLED display also means that the battery life will not be good if you compare it to the Mi Band. YuFit will hardly stay on for a couple of days or a week at max whereas the Mi Band has a 30+ days battery life. YU has not officially announced the battery life yet. The YuFit band is water-resistant thanks to no microUSB port for charging. Instead it requires a separate dongle to charge the device.

“The YuFit band shows number of calories burnt, distance walked, gets you notifications for incoming messages and calls, tracks your sleep. It also has the ‘find my phone’ feature. The band is accompanied by the YuFit app on your smartphone. The app lets one enter the food they are eating and calculate the number of calories you would consume every day. You can check calories of a particular food item by clicking a picture of it and uploading on the app. The YuFit app will help track fitness, group coaching, challenges, social fitness network along with ‘My Plan’ feature. You will also get integrated 24 x 7 guidance from fitness experts.”

The YuFit band claims to perform the following tasks but we are yet to test it out. If we are given a review unit, we will do a complete review and verify the facts. However, as it is a basic pedometer and uses industry standard sensors, the activities tracked will be fairly accurate. The software front coupled with personal coaches make it better than the Mi Band’s app but we will have to find out more.


YU YuFit hands On: Conclusion

The YuFit has been priced at Rs 999 and will go on sale sometime in June from the official website of YU. First 1,000 customers will also get a free personal trainer. The band comes with half-baked OLED display but has trade offs like moderate build quality. If YU focussed more on build quality and removed the display or had both and priced it a bit higher, it would have been a much better product. However, if you want a display on a fitness tracker and do not care about its longevity, then YuFit is made for you. Or else, Xiaomi Mi Band remains the gold standard of affordable fitness bands with an exceptional battery life.

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