Xiaomi Piston 2 Review: Great Value for Money in ear headphone

Xiaomi has made quite a place for itself in the Indian market and has been in the news ever since it launched in India for both good and bad reasons.The Xiaomi Mi 3 was initially priced at Rs. 14,999 but just before it went on sale, the price dropped to Rs. 13,999 and the Mi in ear headphones were left out of Mi 3’s box. Buy the headphone now: Mi in ear headphone.


Xiaomi has priced all the accessories including Mi in ear headphones/Xiaomi Piston 2 at a reasonable price and will likely go on sale by next week along with the launch of Redmi 1s and other accessories like the Mi Power Banks and flip case for Mi 3.

So, let’s look at the review of the Xiaomi in ear headphones so that you can decide whether to go for this headphone, for using it with your recently purchased Xiaomi Mi 3 or the upcoming Redmi 1s/Note or for that matter of fact with any other smartphone in the market. The model which we are reviewing has been imported from China and it’s the Mi in ear headphone (Piston) Version 2. This headphone has a lot of reputation in China and other countries, so lets put it to test and see if it’s really worth the hype.


The first thing which comes to sight after unboxing a device is its packaging and well frankly speaking, the packaging is just a replica of Apple EarPods that my friend own. They are called the “Apple of China” for a reason, so no harm in it. But keeping the price in mind, Xiaomi has provided a premium packaging which is also specially made for shipping long distances as Xiaomi products are sold online only. The box is sturdy and contains 3 sets of noise-cancelling ear buds of different sizes mentioned as S M and L at its bottom. Over the ear buds, sits the dais on which the in ear headphone was kept and the wires were wrapped around the edge.


Build Quality

The whole earpiece has a classic touch and it is made up of high quality material. From the packaging to the design it has a nice feel to it. The ear-piece reminded me of Tekfusion twin-woofer,having a bold look. Although both of them look kind of same but Xiaomi Piston has a gold metallic finish except the wires. It has a 3.5 mm gold-plated straight type connector. The wire used in the Mi in ear headphones aren’t rubber from outside, it does feel like some sort of synthetic fibre which is also rumoured to be Bulletproof. We haven’t tested that so we cannot confirm. The end of the in-ears are like small cylinders over which the noise-cancellation buds are studded upon. The mic arrangement has a total of 3 brown coloured buttons, two on the same side as the mic which works as Volume Rocker and on the opposite end, is the call answering/disconnecting button..


Sound Quality/ Performance

We don’t know whether it’s our personal problem or others might have faced it too or will face it, the fit of the earphone could have been a little better. Although, they have provided different sized ear buds but still the rear end of the in ear i.e., the gold coloured cylindrical ends caused trouble to my ears. The noise cancellation of the ear-piece seems impressive. Well let’s go deep into the melody part now. The device offers a clear, crisp and soothing tone. The lows and mids were too good but the highs wasn’t that clear. The bass is just about average. If you’re a metal and bass lover, Xiaomi Piston is not for you mate. Low and soft melodies were just its cup of tea. They sounded very good but if it had a bit more bass, it would have stood up to my expectations.


Value for Money

MI in ear headphone (Piston) is officially priced at Rs. 999 by Xiaomi and will be available on Flipkart by next week with the arrival of Redmi 1s. It won’t be sold like the Mi 3 via flash sales and would be available normally as per reports. On eBay and other online e-commerce stores, it is available for about Rs. 1500 now. Keeping in mind of the price range, the ear-phone is surely a good buy. It provides a good feel and obviously it looks good and have a soothing melody overall with average bass. The other competitors in this price tag, doesn’t provide this kind of quality. Well again we would like to say, this is not built for metal lovers.

Final Verdict 

The Xiaomi Piston is highly recommended by us only for those who are not looking for Bass heavy headphones. It is made up of high quality material and has a stunning finish, no wonder it won the IF Design award. It is certainly the class leading in ear headphone in its price range. Available now for Rs. 999 on Flipkart, you can buy it for your Xiaomi Mi 3 or any other smartphone for that matter. We have tested it with an iPhone 5 as well and it did sound very good. It may not be the best in ear headphone in the market but it has the most value for money. So, grab one if you’re looking for an in ear headphone, as soon as its available on Flipkart.

Thanks to my friend, Bibek for his inputs.

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