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Xiaomi Mi 3 to make a comeback this Diwali, Redmi Note accessories listed on Flipkart

Xiaomi made a stunning debut in the Indian smartphone market with the launch of Mi 3 on July 22, when it launched its latest flagship, the Mi 4 in China. The company sold around 95,000 units in six flash sales before discontinuing it to make way for Redmi 1s.

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Xiaomi Mi 3 was in news when Mi India decided to offer free microSIM card tray to existing Mi 3 owners who purchased it via Flipkart. We predicted that the Mi 3 could be making a comeback with an updated microSIM card tray.

“We would assume that if the Xiaomi Mi 3 makes a comeback again which is likely to happen after this gesture, it will come with micro-SIM card tray instead of the normal SIM card tray.”

So, yesterday at Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC), Bangalore, Xiaomi India’s Head of Operations, Mr Manu Kumar Jain said, “Xiaomi Mi 3 will go on sale during Diwali.” So, the Mi 3 is coming back soon for the festive season and as Diwali is on October 22, it will go on sale on October 21 as it’s the closest Tuesday. Xiaomi has so far sold all their smartphones every Tuesday at 2pm on Flipkart via flash sale, so if they do not go mental, we would be right about the exact date. Although, it could also start on October 14 but it’s highly unlikely.

Xiaomi is looking to sell 100,000 smartphones every week during Diwali according to a report by Reuters. This would mean Xiaomi would be subsequently selling the Redmi 1s as well as the Mi 3 together during Diwali.

“For the Diwali month we’re chartering planes from Hong Kong to India to bring in Mi 3 and Redmi phones because it’s too much product, ” Hugo Barra said.

We wonder if “Redmi phones” also include the Redmi Note. Redmi Note should be launching in October if we follow Xiaomi’s product launch cycle closely. Also, official Redmi Note Flip Cover has been listed on Flipkart, priced at Rs 282. We could head in for three different situations this Diwali.

  • Firstly, Redmi 1s sale will continue with 60,000 units along with the addition of 40,000 units of Mi 3.
  • Secondly, Redmi 1s will be discontinued in favour of Redmi Note and comeback of the Mi 3.
  • Lastly but highy unlikely, Xiaomi could sell all these three devices, Xiaomi Mi 3, Redmi 1s and Redmi Note together during the Diwali month.

If you are a Xiaomi fan who has been disappointed with the departure of Mi 3 as well as low units in comparison to demand, you are headed for a superb Diwali.
The Mi 4 will not launch in the festive season but will come at the end of this year early December.

Update: We have seen Manu Kumar Jain, Xiaomi India head tweet about the Redmi Note launch being a few weeks away when asked about it.
So, that makes our second & third situations more valid and strong.

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