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Xiaomi Mi 3 to go on sale tomorrow again; Xiaomi Mi India (Facebook group) to help buyers

Xiaomi Mi 3 goes on sale for the fifth time in India on August 19 at 2pm on Flipkart. Till date 55,000 Mi 3 has been sold so far and they have made quite a record.Xiaomi Mi3_camera

Just like the fourth flash sale, Xiaomi has decided to put up 20,000 units for its fifth flash sale. Xiaomi and Flipkart together managed to sell the previous 20,000 units at a blink of an eye i.e., 2.4 seconds. Many people were happy to lay their hands on the Xiaomi Mi 3 after a number of unsuccessful attempts. Many did manage to buy it for the second or third time only to sell it at a premium. Yes, people do sell their recently purchased Xiaomi Mi 3 via black market through eBay, OLX, Quikr and various groups on Facebook and on other social networking platforms.

Xiaomi Mi India

To curb this black marketing of Xiaomi Mi 3, Xiaomi Mi India facebook group has decided to launch an initiative to do “Order Giveaway for the Mi 3 sale” at no extra cost. Basically, the members of this group will order on behalf of other people who would like to own a Mi 3 but has been unsuccessful in the past due to slow internet or are not confident enough to make a purchase tomorrow due to slow internet or any other issues.

So, if you want someone else to order a Xiaomi Mi 3 which will reach your doorsteps with the option of paying via COD that too at no extra cost, then straight away go to this link here. This is a very noble cause, so kudos to the team of Xiaomi Mi India Facebook group.

Will Xiaomi make another record by selling the Mi 3 in less than 2 seconds or will it take more than 3 seconds this time? Only time will tell. We will update you regarding the fifth sale of Mi 3 tomorrow. All the best to all those registered users who would like to order the Xiaomi Mi 3 tomorrow.

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  • Ramesh K.

    Fake Article!!!! even those guys in that group are asking 3-4K for each MI3 phone……

    • TheTecholic

      Yes, we are aware of that but they are getting banned from the group as well. As of now around 10 “Mi 3 Order giveaways” have been done successfully.

  • MasterOfAllTrades

    how do you know that these giveaways are done for genuine buyers… could be a buyer who after getting the phone will sell it for some profit??

    • TheTecholic

      We can assure you that it’s 100% genuine.