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Word Lens integration made real-time speech translation possible for Google Translate

Google Translate received a major update, with several new features which focusses on easier communication. The apps on both iOS and Android continues to improve, with Word Lens integration for live text translation. Aiming the iPhone camera at printed text, such as a sign or restaurant menu will reveal an instant translation via augmented reality.


This feature translates French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish into English and vice versa for starters. Google plans to add more languages to Word Lens soon. In the meantime, 36 languages can be translated using a still photo of text. Once the text is captured, words or sentences can be highlighted for translation.

In order to start the translation, users will have to tap into the mic and start talking in a selected language and then tap again and Google Translate will automatically recognize the language that is being spoken. Now the Translate app can automatically translate in real-time while the conversation is happening. It will even recognize which language is being spoken on the fly, once the process is initiated.


Google notes that over 500 million people use Google Translate every month, making over one billion translations per day. The app supports 90 languages in total, with options to enter text using the keyboard or via handwriting directly. The latest update from Google should arrive in your Android and iOS devices by this week.


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