Why OnePlus 2 registration numbers should not be taken seriously

The OnePlus 2 was officially announced couple of days back at the first mainstream VR launch event in the tech industry. It will start selling from August 11 and consumers can purchase it if they have an ‘invite’. Within 72 hours of launch, the company received more than 1 million registrations, and we tell you “Why OnePlus 2 registration numbers should not be taken seriously?”.


In order to buy the OnePlus 2, you need to join the reservation list and OnePlus will push you up the list, if you share your personalized link. Well, that is a top-notch strategy from OnePlus to maintain the #Hype even after the launch of the phone. However, we think that the OnePlus 2 registration numbers does not mean anything and should not be taken seriously.

The media is going gaga over the ‘OnePlus 2 registration numbers’, which now has crossed 1.3 million but if you believe 1.3 million consumers genuinely want to get hold of the device, then you’re badly mistaken. First of all, the social media – OnePlus Facebook page, Twitter handle, groups, forums, etc has been spammed in order to ‘skip the queue’ and going in front. In order to do that, people are entering random email IDs, creating fake ones and what not. This has bloated the registration numbers by quite a margin and it is not OnePlus’ fault. It has also become a ‘social status’, specially for Indians to show off that they are at ‘x’ number (Eg: 100 / 1,300,000). This leads to more people ‘faking’ their way up the queue, in order to ‘show off’ to their friends.

Even, Founder of FoneArena had tweeted about it. (You might not get the joke, if you are not an Indian).

Secondly, there are a certain percentage of people who wants to get hold of the invites and sell it to real consumers who are actually willing to buy the OnePlus 2 but does not have an ‘invite’. Why? Because, others spammed their way to top of the queue of the reservation list, only to sell them. This was also seen when the OnePlus One had launched. On eBay, invites were selling for as high as $300-400, which is the price of the device itself.


Finally, reservation list or registration numbers does not equal to pre-orders or sales made. Also, if more than 1 million people are willing to buy the OnePlus 2 at launch, the company does not seem to have enough stocks, in spite of ’30 to 50 times more inventories’ at launch, compared to the last year.

We are not at all blaming OnePlus for the ‘OnePlus 2 registration numbers’ fiasco but the whole community is to be blamed for the bloated number. It’s just a phone at the end of the day and making ‘fake email IDs’ just in order to skip the queue by few thousand and also end of not buying the device all together is nothing but a sham. It is unfair to the genuine consumers who do not have time to ‘skip the queue’.

The OnePlus 2 64GB variant has been priced at Rs 24,999 in India and will go on sale on August 11. The company will also ship the USB Type-C cable as a standalone accessory, priced around $5.

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