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WhatsApp voice calling feature starts appearing

WhatsApp Voice calling has been rumoured since a long period and we are really close to getting it. Recently, the most popular messaging service has made its way on to our Web browsers.


According to a Reddit user pradnesh07, WhatsApp voice calling is now making an appearance for some users. He got to know about the feature after receiving a WhatsApp call from his friend. The feature is presumably in beta mode which is usable only by an invitation system, where someone has to call you who already has it enabled.

This is a screenshot of the updated UI of WhatsApp with voice calling  interface.



The Reddit user¬†pradnesh07 tried to call a few friends in order to activate the feature for many users. It is now reported by him and his friends, that the feature is a hit-and-miss situation when they are trying to enable the voice calling. In order to get the latest addition to WhatsApp, you need to download the latest WhatsApp apk. After that you can try this terminal trick if you have a rooted device, which may ask you to force close or reinstall the app, if and only if you manage to receive a call from someone. It would be helpful if you’re on the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop. All these steps might not be successful in getting you the latest WhatsApp voice calling feature.

Hike, a popular Indian based messaging service has recently enabled voice calling for the Android users but it is still in beta mode. So, we are expecting WhatsApp to launch the feature soon.

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