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WhatsApp adds End-to-End encryption on Android app with TextSecure

WhatsApp, now owned by Facebook has been in news recently for adding Blue ticks for Read/Seen message. The company immediately released an update for the Android app which now lets you disable the dreaded Read/Seen Blue ticks. Although, WhatsApp has also taken steps which will make the Android users very happy. They are making messaging more secure.


WhatsApp has now added End-to-End encryption for Android users with the help of TextSecure protocol from Open Whisper Systems. At present, the encryption only works on messages sent between Android smartphones. With the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, the company has automatically enabled the encryption feature for the users. The encryption is there by default which means WhatsApp users doesn’t need to turn it on and won’t even notice any difference if they aren’t aware of the feature. The encryption feature is limited to personal messages only and doesn’t apply to group messages or media messages at the moment.

Open Whisper Systems in a blog post said,

“WhatsApp deserves enormous praise for devoting considerable time and effort to this project. Even though we’re still at the beginning of the rollout, we believe this already represents the largest deployment of end-to-end encrypted communication in history.”

So, what do you mean by Encryption? How will it be useful for you? Which other messaging apps use this feature?

Encryption simply means the provider, in this case, WhatsApp won’t be able to decrypt the messages itself. The company will set up the key exchange between users, but will be restricted among the users involved in the conversation. This in turn will make your conversations more secure. Apple’s iMessage service and Telegram messaging app also uses ‘end-to-end’ encryption technology.

WhatsApp has also recently updated the iOS app to include support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Although, it didn’t push an update for iOS yet where it offers ‘end-to-end’ encryption of messages. We hope iOS users won’t be deprived of this feature for long.


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