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Wankband by Pornhub lets you charge gadgets by jerking off

After the smartphone revolution, the time is now for wearable tech. Pornhub, a porn site has unveiled a unique wearable device called Wankband which lets you charge gadgets just by jerking off. Yes, it can be that simple!


Wearable devices are the next big thing. The world is waiting for the Apple Watch which will go on sale in April and more details about the watch will be revealed on the Apple Event “Spring Forward” on March 9, 2015. We would also see the likes of LG showing off LG Watch Urbane LTE and Acer stepping onto the wearable arena at MWC. Also, 7,20,000 wearable devices running Android Wear have shipped in 2014.

We techies mostly have a lot of gadgets and run out of charge every now and then. We need to charge our devices every night at least. Pornhub has something on their mind which would make your life a little easier and charging your devices a lot more fun. They are introducing a wearable called Wankband which will let you charge your devices by jacking off.

According to the video, the Wankband will start generating power when you start jacking off. The device will store the power which can then be used to charge your gadgets. The device works for women as well, its unisex.

How does the Wankband work?


The band contains a valve with a small weight inside and it stores energy when moved in an up and down motion. We do not need to tell you what an up and down motion is, right? After you are done storing power on the band, simply plugin a USB port with your smartphone, laptop, camera, tablet and more. Now, everyone will have a lot of fun which charging their favourite gadgets. If anyone catches you while doing this act, just tell them you’re saving some electricity.

We will know more about the device later on how much storage capacity the band have and does it perform any other activities like other smart bands or not. So men and women, if you want to be a beta tester of Wankband, sign up by heading towards the Pornhub website now.

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