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Wacom Bamboo Spark announced for $159.95

Wacom Bamboo Spark, a new digital note taking device has been announced. It was launched during IFA 2015 that comes with a smart pen and a smart folio that will allow the users to write on paper with an ink pen and save the notes on to a phone or tablet automatically. Lets dig in deep into the device now.


On the Wacom Bamboo Spark, the folio contains an electro-magnetic resonance board that senses the location of the tip of the included Bamboo Spark ballpoint pen. The device will work after the user downloads the Bamboo Spark app on an iOS or Android device with Bluetooth Smart technology. It starts working as soon as it gets paired with the app. According to the company, every stroke is saved within the app by simply pushing the button and the pen can save up to 100 pages of notes without any data connection.

The Bamboo Spark app will store each note as a separate page, determined by the press of a start and stop button on the Folio and these can be exported into an image file or PDF. The notes can be edited in the app itself or can be exported to other cloud-based note taking apps such as Evernote and Dropbox.


Coming to the battery, the Wacom Bamboo Spark will last up to eight hours on a single charge. The pen needs a specially designed cartridge that are available via Wacom for US $10 for a three-pack. The Wacom Bamboo Spark is available in gray color and goes on sale in October for $159.95, €159.90 o £119.99.

Even Apple announced Apple Pencil accessory with the new iPad Pro at the recently concluded “Hey Siri” event.

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