Twitter and Google’s deal would help the firms to generate more ad revenues

After the introduction of the two great new features last week, this time they have teamed up with Google. A report from Bloomberg says that Twitter and Google have signed a deal to ensure that tweets now appear in Google search. Though the deal isn’t official, but that could be counted as a great move on their part.


After the Twitter and Google deal comes into play in the coming months, users can see the posted tweets in Google Search option. By this deal, Twitter will be able to engage more users to its platform and can generate much more of ad revenue for themselves. The deal would make Twitter more searchable, expand the number of people who see tweets, or what Twitter calls its “logged-out user base.”

This deal would ensure more people use Twitter regularly who had refrained from it in the past. The ‘Tweets found on Google Search’ will prove to be an added incentive for Twitter users.

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At present the Social Media Platform has 284 million active monthly users, apparently, and claims to have 185 billion unique views of tweets outside its website. So as a result of the deal, Google will get access to all the content from more than 284 million users of Twitter.

The company has also added Direct Group messaging and video sharing to take on popular services like Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

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