App Review: TrulyMadly, a modern way of finding True Love

Truly Madly is a new, modern way to find true, mad love. India’s best relationship app, that brings singles together based on common interests and psychological matching.

Founded by a team of renowned e-commerce website, TrulyMadly is an online dating platform that helps you find your match using safe and secure methods. TrulyMadly does not make big promises, except that it keeps your information safe and ensures complete privacy.


The key feature of the TrulyMadly app is Trust Score that gets built over time, from the information a user provide. Information taken from users are phone number, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles and, most importantly your photo ID, which is a pretty robust method to verify identities these days. Facebook and the Photo ID make up for 60% of your trust score. Interactions are not possible unless a user’s profile is verified and a minimum score of 30% is necessary to get verified. One can accumulate 30% by just providing their LinkedIn profile and employment status .


The app is pretty intuitive and getting started is a very easy. User can ‘Hide’ people you don’t like or ‘Like’ people you’re interested in. If a person ‘likes’ you back, you can see their full name and interact with them. Unless users complete the verification, they can’t interact with people they are interested in, nor see all the profiles that match their preferences. Let me tell you, there are very few number of active profiles at present so chances of finding people is very poor.

The results will be fetched out based on your preferences such as age, height, country, annual income and eating habits. These details are visible to all verified users. Once user’s Facebook and LinkedIn profiles are verified, others can see the number of connections you have on each account and also find out if you have any friends in common.

The app is available on Google PlayStore right now but hasn’t been released for iOS or Windows yet.

Download Link for Google PlayStore: TrulyMadly

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