Toshiba announced the world’s first NFC integrated memory card

CES 2015 has given us many upcoming storage solution from SanDisk, Seagate, Samsung and many more but this one is unique. Claimed as the first of its kind SDHC card with integrated NFC in the world, Toshiba has announced this SD card in CES 2015. These cards would be available with storage capacity of 8GB, 16GB and

With Toshiba’s Memory Preview app find out how much space you have on the card and to also preview thumbnails of your photos with the help of NFC on the SDHC card. Toshiba’s Flash Air III will let you access photos on the SD card from your Android and iOS device.   Users will no longer need a PC or another card-reading device to see the contents of the card. Up to 16 thumbnail images can also be displayed to identify exactly what images are on each card. But for full access to the card, user needs to connect it to PC.

These SDHC cards are UHS Speed Class 1 capable which means they can record 4K videos at ease and a read speed of minimum 10MB/s. Toshiba’s NFC cards will go on sale starting in February, though there’s no mention of price.

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