The newer Samsung Galaxy S6 variant might support Gear VR

Samsung’s Gear VR which was announced back at IFA 2014 and they mentioned that the Gear VR is compatible with Note 4. A trusted source confirms that Samsung would be adding the upcoming Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge in the compatibility list of Gear VR.


At present the Samsung Gear VR works only with the Galaxy Note 4 and not the Note Edge. The Note 4 has a 5.7 inch display while the upcoming Galaxy S6 and S Edge are expected to sport a 5.1 inch screen. The S Edge is also expected to have curved display on both the sides.

Because of the larger screen size, it is not exactly known to us that how Gear VR would work with them. There are two possibilities, Samsung is either developing a brand new Gear VR device to support the smaller display size, or the S Edge and the S6 feature a larger display.

Samsung has planned to unveil the next flagship devices at Mobile World Congress (MWC), 2015 on March 1. We have already seen numerous leaks and reports about what is going to be released on that day. We have also seen that the Galaxy S6 might turn out to be as thin as the iPhone 6 and look quite familiar as well. Alleged pricing of the unannounced Samsung devices has also surfaced in the wild.

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