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The story behind Android Kingdom – YouTube reviewer

Recently, we did a story on OnePlus One, which will soon abandon the ‘Invite’ system as start a ‘Pre-Order’ system in October. They might also launch in India while partnering with Flipkart exclusively to sell their flagship phone. We wouldn’t have been able to publish the story so early without the tip from Android Kingdom. Lets have a look at their story.



So, Android Kingdom has been founded by Master Aman Surana. He will turn 15 years old in 19 days and is in Class 10 now. He runs Android Kingdom with three of his friends. They will soon be opening their tech blog as well. Now, they create videos on their YouTube Channel as well as write news/reviews on their Facebook page.

On asking Aman about why he wanted to get into this field at such an early age, he told us

I had this idea in February 2014. So, i started the facebook page by April, 2014. Since then, I have been making videos. Though we have stopped it for a while since we have exams in September. My motive to do this is very simple; it is to do something I love and not for money. Also, to distribute knowledge and in turn I might turn out pretty good in this field. I’m also trying to improve my YouTube videos. I have a couple of friends who are helping me out in this.

My future plan is simple. If I do not succeed in making my page/website a decent one, I would still continue to make videos, since technology is my passion and I cannot let that fade away. I, also like Graphic Designing and have been designing for quite some time. I have been awarded “Best Photo Editing Award” at Adobe HQ, New Delhi which was a Campk12 competition.

I am looking forward to pursue something related to tech since it’s the best thing ever happened to me. Technology has a lot of variation and cannot even imagine. Like, starting a PC with the tap of your phone to a NFC tag. It is really fun and it’s the learning which attracts me more and more towards it. That’s why I love to make video tutorials, reviews, tips and a lot more.

Well, this kid is super passionate about tech and we wish him all the success.

You can catch them on the following links below:
FacebookAndroid Kingdom
Twitter –     Android Kingdom
YouTube–   Android Kingdom


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