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The sequel of Raspberry Pi will feature Windows 10

The credit card sized Raspberry Pi 2 was announced yesterday. The catch being that the 2nd generation chip also costs the same like its first model, i.e $35. Thought the second generation chip is 6 times faster and also gets more RAM into it.

Raspberry Pi 2

In a blog post it was said that the Raspberry Pi organization was working with last 6 months with Microsoft to build a compatible version of Windows 10 for the new Pi. Let us remind you that Microsoft has already announced a test version of the new OS back in September when it was announced. Moreover last week in an event it made a few great announcements along with unveiling of new productivity like the new Xbox App, the HoloLens Headset, the new browser from Microsoft which they named as Spartan and a business solution known as Surface Hub. And the best part was that the OS could be upgraded for free for the 1st year.

The $35 Pocket PC can surely make a mark since it do has the potential .The Raspberry Pi Organization has promised for updates in the coming months . We hope this product gets its availability soon.



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