Samsung’s Q4 results announced, revenue down 21% YoY

Both Google and LG came up with their Q4 profit reports which showed their growth in revenues, even Lenovo managed to be on the higher side but this time Samsung wasn’t the game changer. The firm has announced their Q4 earnings in which they managed to make operating profit of 5.29 trillion won ($4.9 billion) for Q3 2014 compared to 8.31 trillion won of Q3 2013 with a YoY decrement of 27%.


The company has reported a net profit of 5.35 trillion won ($4.9 billion) on revenues of 52.73 trillion won ($48.6 billion) which is down by 10% compared to last year. A bit of good news from the mobile segment which has made revenues of 25.02 trillion won compared to 23.52 trillion won in the previous quarter. They managed to go up by 6% though their mobile sector declined by 21% in the last quarter which made the profits down by 40% compared to financial year 2013.

The company also said that they will focus on the recovery of their mobile sector in the year 2015 by
differentiating its mobile devices using new materials and designs, more efficiently managing costs and
streamlining product line-ups. It will also increase efficiency in mobile business through enhanced& R&D and marketing to increase profitability. Samsung’s high-end devices like Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy s5 help recover some earning due to their increased sales as reported by IT & Mobile Communications (IM) Division.

In the present year 2015, the Korean giant would increase efficiency in mobile business through enhanced and R&D and marketing to increase profitability and they are also expecting continued growth in mobile sector in emerging markets, such as China and India. They are also expecting to improve earnings in the mobile sector with smartphone shipments growth due to the expansion of A series smartphones, which is mainly focused on metallic design elements.

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