Samsung Flow : Samsung’s approach to match Apple’s Continuity

This week at the annual developer conference in San Francisco, Korean giant Samsung has announced a new feature which will work along many Samsung devices. They name the feature as Samsung Flow. This feature is basically same as Apple Continuity.Samsung-Flow

For those who don’t know much about Apple Continuity which was released few months back. It’s basically a feature that allows owners of multiple Apple products to connect their devices together, Start browsing the web on your iPhone and pick up from the same link on your Mac, receive a call coming through on your iPhone over your iPad and so. Since Samsung do make a lot of devices ranging from wearables to wide screen television, it would be of great help to users to work with multiple Samsung devices at ease. They can even view incoming calls and messages on their Samsung televisions and so on.

The functionality of Samsung Flow deals with three main components – transfer, defer and notify. With Transfer, user can read shared articles on your tablets or video calls from your laptops to phones or tablets. Defer will let user delay in performing a specific task until they are ready, like continuing where they left off on a movie or song from another Samsung device and lastly, Notify as the name suggests will you let user view notifications on any screen – your watch, phone, notebook or even TV.

The Flow SDK are out on the website and is readily available for developers. So wait for the time being till it takes to develop the app and then you’re ready to enjoy it on your Samsung smartphone.

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