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Samsung announces SSD T1: A 1TB Solid State Drive smaller than a business card

CES 2015 is live and guess what, Samsung has announced another product. The new product which was unveiled few hours back is a portable solid-state-drive (SSD), they call it the SSD T1. The new portable SSD gets attraction of people due to its size, which is even smaller than a business card. Other brands like Seagate and SanDisk has also come up with their storage solution. Both of the above has emphasized the On the Go Technology.


Now speaking of the products dimensions, the SSD measures 71.0×9.2×53.2mm and is only 30 grams heavy but it packs 1TB of storage inside it, though other smaller variants are available too. The SSD is so compact and tiny that it can easily slip into shirt pocket.

The SSD T1 has a transfer speeds of up to 450 megabytes per second (MB/s), and also boasts high-level of security with support for AES 256-bit data encryption. The drive also comes with embedded security software from Samsung and comes with 3-year Samsung warranty.

Samsung has claimed a price of $179 (Rs 11,350 approximately) for 256GB, $299 (Rs 18,960 approximately) for 500GB and $599 (Rs 37,980 approximately) for 1TB variants which can’t be considered cheap. The SSD T1 is ready to go on sale at the end of this month. We are also expecting something big from Samsung at CES following up the rumors of Galaxy S6.


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