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Rooms – Create Something Together app launched by Facebook

Facebook wants to create a strong foothold in each and every service across the Internet. To inch closer towards that goal, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has launched Rooms, an anonymous chat app for the iPhone.


Rooms – Create Something Together, has been developed by the Facebook Creative Labs team. Basically it is an old concept of chat room apps where Yahoo Messenger was very popular. We doubt people still want to chat anonymously in chat rooms with strangers but hey who are we to judge! Maybe, Facebook is trying to bring back that culture.

The Rooms app will let you create places for the things you’re passionate about. You can pick a topic, customize the look and feel of the surroundings, be yourself or be anonymous – your call totally and lastly share with others. Lets have a look at the main features of the new app by Facebook.

  • Pick a topic: Create a home for people who are as into the topic as you are.
  • Customize the look and feel: Pick a colour, choose an emoji for your like button, and more!
  • Be whoever you want to be: Choose nicknames for yourself, real or made up.
  • Share with others: Invite other people so you can share photos, videos, and notes with them.

The Rooms app by Facebook is only available for the iPhone in US, UK and some other countries from the Apple App Store. It is a free app and isn’t available for Android yet. We also do not know when it will make its way to India.

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