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Redmi Note 4G can now be purchased from Flipkart without registration

Xiaomi today announced that the Redmi Note 4G will be available for all from February 12 and you won’t have to register anymore. 40,000 units of Redmi Note 4G went on sale on February 10 and did not sell out. It was also sold during the republic day weekend without flash sale.


Xiaomi has declared that they are making enough Redmi Note 4Gs and thus can sell it without any flash sale. In other words, the phablet will now be sold normally on Flipkart like any other device. Although, we think there is just no demand for the phablet anymore.

The flash sale model for a particular device works for a certain period of time and the Redmi Note 4G has certainly passed that period. It is no longer attracting people as similar devices like YU Yureka is available in the market. Basically, the Chinese company can no longer make headlines like “Sold out in 2 seconds” or “Sold out in 3 seconds” anymore with this product, at least.

We also believe in the longer run, Xiaomi has to move out of this ‘Flash Sale’ game if it wants to make a dent in the mobile universe. If you’re still looking to buy a phablet, you can now buy the Redmi Note 4G easily from Flipkart.

Xiaomi announced the Mi 4 64 GB white variant priced at Rs 23,999 and it will go on sale on February 24. The company is also selling the Mi 4 16 GB currently and it sold 25,000 units in 15 seconds on its pilot sale. The next sale will take place on February 17 and registrations have already started.

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