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Xiaomi Redmi 1s being sold via black marketing to make quick cash

Xiaomi discontinued the Mi 3 for an indefinite time, to focus on the sale of its new hero, the Redmi 1s. Almost 80,000 units have been sold till now but still people are struggling to get their dream smartphone due to many factors. So, let’s have a look at them.


Xiaomi’s Redmi 1s went on sale for the first time on September 2 with 40,000 units, it got sold out at blazing speed of just 4.2 seconds. Next week again, on September 9, it went on sale with 40,000 more units, got sold out in just 4.5 seconds, again. The story will continue as another 40,000 units will be up for sale on September 16, and we will again see it getting sold out in mere seconds.

Despite, more number of Redmi 1s units being sold, Xiaomi hasn’t been able to satisfy its fans. This is mainly due to two different reasons. Firstly, there is a lot of demand, which is almost thrice the number of units being sold every week. Secondly, many people are registering from multiple accounts to purchase the Redmi 1s, only to sell it at a higher price either on eBay or on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.


We have noticed people asking anywhere in between Rs 5,00 – Rs 3,000 extra, just for completing the existing order and putting in the buyer’s address with COD option. This has become a common practice among students, who has access to fast internet. They try to justify their act as well saying, “We have fast internet, we are able to order, so we can sell it and make profit. It is not our fault that others couldn’t order.” These people fail to understand that their actions are causing grief to genuine buyers. Most people would not buy it for any extra money, and in return would curse Xiaomi, as they cannot provide enough stocks to cater to high demands and their Flash sale method is flawed, which is empowering this category of people.

Xiaomi Mi India facebook group is strictly against this black marketing of Redmi 1s. They ban members who are trying to sell it at a premium to others. Previously, when the same thing happened with the Mi 3, they were the ones to start an “Order Giveaway” initiative which benefited quite a few people to get the Mi 3 without any extra cost. We would encourage them to start it again for the Redmi 1s from this week, to tackle this unfortunate situation.

We would reach out to the Mi India team and Xiaomi Global’s Vice President, Hugo Barra about this problem. If you have any suggestions for them, please write them in the comments section below.

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  • dkking

    Flipkart should definitely do something about this! Like selecting Shipping address first and it being fixed and unchangeable or something along those lines along with a smaller window of time to order

    • TheTecholic

      Thanks for the suggestion. We will share them with the Xiaomi team. You can also share the article with your friends who are looking to buy a Redmi 1s.

  • Cyber Brigade

    Do you even know, you can be sued for pasting those screenshot, you can not put up the screen shot of a message, like this publicly. With a 5 min search, the image you provided are enough to depict who the person is.
    It is the violations of Right of anonymity.
    You have 24 hrs to get this post removed. OR ELSE WE ARE GOING TO REPORT THIS.

    • TheTecholic

      We have blurred out the names & DPs. Hope it isn’t a problem anymore. Thank you.

  • TheTecholic

    Thank you for your support.

    “Also Xiaomi s installed in this black marketing sale as well – Indian head is leading these black marketing operations – Buy Xiaomi like a king is something run by them.”

    We didn’t get this part. Can you please clarify it? Thanks.