How does RailYatri help in onward journeys from destination stations

Today, we will discuss about the RailYatri app and how it can help in onward journeys from destination stations.


There is one common feature of most railway stations in India, they are mostly situated at a fair distance from the nearest city. The fact is: when these stations were conceptualized, they were intentionally planned outside the cities to prevent traffic and commotion that may be caused due to a large gathering of people at the station. Seldom did the authorities know then that this would pose some serious issues for the train passengers. When you search for pnr status or trains between two stations, you will always try to select the best performing trains or ones that have minimum delays. But how much can you avoid the delays is up to luck. More than 80% of trains in India hardly abide by the timings mentioned in the Indian Railways time-table, other than the premium trains, all the rest run with heavy delays. And if it is monsoon season, you can definitely be sure of being late and for that you do not even have to check the live train status.

Now, coming to the problems the passenger faces due to these delays – as mentioned, the stations are situated quite a distance away from the main city. And this means even when the passengers alight at their destination station, they are still some distance away from the actual destination. This is where the delay of trains in India affects the passengers badly. When the passengers select a train, they not only select because of its performance but at times due the timing as well (shown in the Indian train time-table). Most of the stations lie in the secluded parts of the city. This is why getting transportation at odd hours is a real challenge for the passengers. Sometimes they have to pay exorbitant amount of money to get to the true destination. Suppose your train was to arrive at 6:00 PM (which is a good timing), but with 5 hours delay the train ends up reaching the destination station at 11 PM. Now, that is a major cause of concern for the passengers. They will not get many transportation options at such odd hours.

RailYatri is a smart app, which not only simplifies your train journey but a complete solution for the train travellers. It offers some key features that can help you face the above mentioned critical situation. Let’s get in to the features that RailYatri offers for the train travellers across India.

Identify Average Delay at Station: This feature is available at the website. You can search by providing the name of your destination station to find the delay index of each train plying along this route. You can judge the expected delay time based on the data available at the website and plan the onwards journey likewise.

Live Train Status: Yes, there are thousands of other live train status app, but all they do is give you the last updated train status from Indian Railways. RailYatri app does not follow such practices. The app takes your GPS information to provide inch perfect train status live on mobile. Apart from the exact location, with this simple search you can understand the distance travelled, the distance remaining and expected arrival time at destination station. These will again help you re-access your plans for onward journey.

Live Updates: When your train has been standing at a signal for long hours, you must be agitated and want to know the cause of such disruption. When you have the app installed on your Android device, you will be sent alerts/news about any major disruption along the route. Again you can stay informed and plan likewise.

Cab Booking: There are instances when you are left high and dry with no transportation available from the destination station for onward journey. RailYatri users need not panic in such situations as the app has this base covered. All you have to do is book a taxi using the feature. The fares are reasonable and the cabbies will not charge anything extra for odd hour pickups.

We are sure each one of us has faced some or the other travel issues relating to railways in India. Now that we know about RailYatri App, we can at least let the situation not affect us. You may definitely need to have the RailYatri app in your mobile!

So what you are waiting for, download the app by visiting the Google Play Store or the official website. Also, you can download it by giving a missed call on: 8080809551.

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