Qualcomm’s media streaming platform AllPlay gets hardware and software partners

Qualcomm AllPlay is the smart media platform, which gives makers of audio equipment freedom to differentiate and reveal new value in wireless speakers. Chip maker Qualcomm has announced its hardware and software partners for its AllPlay platform in the ongoing CES 2015.

qualcomm-allplayThe first speakers to play AllPlay’s tunes will be House of Marley’s Wi-Fi speakers. We will get to know more details about them in coming days.

Sy Choudhury, Senior Director of product management, Qualcomm Connected Experiences said

“Throughout the past year we’ve launched and expanded upon the AllPlay platform through integration with our hardware and content partners, in addition to the release of the first AllPlay Click software development kit, further showcasing the breadth of what this platform can accomplish in the ecosystem. As we continue to collaborate with developers and new companies, we remain committed to providing the choice, flexibility and high quality audio that define the AllPlay brand.”

AllPlay compatible music service will be manufactured by Bayan Audio, Goodmans, part of the Harvard International Group of Companies, UK, House of Marley, Inkel/Sherwood, Optoma Nuforce, SVS, TCL Communications and TP-LINK. Both SoundCloud and Tidal are planning to offer support for AllPlay later this year, making sure that you users can hear remixes, podcasts and pristine-sounding songs on a wide range of networked speakers and stereos. Chinese and Korean listeners, meanwhile, will be happy to know that QQ Music and KT Music are also on deck.

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