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OS X Yosemite now available on Mac App Store for free download

Today, Apple announced new iPads along with the new iMac 27-inch with Retina 5k display and the updated Mac Mini at the special event. The much awaited update to OS X which was shown off at the WWDC this year, is now available for download. OS X Yosemite 10.10 can be downloaded today on all the eligible macs.


OS X Yosemite was unveiled at the WWDC this year which includes a lot of updates. Lets have a look at few of them.

New Design

OS X over the year has changed but it has been able to retain the same principles: power, simplicity, beauty. OS X has the best design among all other computer Operating Systems. OS X Yosemite has added translucency in windows with streamlined toolbars. The buttons, font, icons throughout the system has been changed which is certainly refreshing. Translucency adds more dimension to the desktop and the user can focus more on the content. With the introduction of Streamlined toolbars, OS X is able to put more features into less space. The Dock is more cleaner and more iconic than ever before as it is the heart of OS X. There is a new typeface throughout the system which looks stunning on a Retina Display (not sure how it will look on Non-Retina Macs).



OS X Yosemite was redesigned not only to make it more beautiful but also more useful. The Notification Center now has much more to show at a glance. There is a Today feature which tells one everything they need to know. It also shows a concise summary of the day’s upcoming events, reminders and birthdays. It also serves as an access to widgets like Calender, Weather, Stocks, World Clock, Calculator and Reminders. Now, more widgets can also be added from the Mac App Store.



Search has never been a strong area for OS X but with Yosemite it is completely going to change. The redesigned Spotlight appears at front and center when we open it. It can look up information from sources like Wikipedia, Bing, news, Maps, movies and more. It also provides more interactive previews of the results which would allow us to read a document, send an email or make a phone call by clicking a search result.



Apple has redesigned most of the apps on OS X which we use to do everyday things and now with Yosemite, we will do them in extraordinary ways. The apps built into every Mac lets us explore the world, connect with people and work more efficiently. In OS X Yosemite, the apps which we use everyday on a Mac like Safari, Mail and Messages are even more capable and easier to use. We will discuss about the apps in detail in a separate post.

Mac and OS X

Apple wants people to use both iOS devices as well as OS X devices, so it is creating a strong ecosystem where a Mac, iPhone and iPad works seamlessly. With iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, all the devices work even more harmoniously. They recognise when they’re near each other, enabling brilliant new features that feel magical and yet makes perfect sense.
We can now actually Call and Text from a Mac which is enabled by the new feature called Handoff. We can also turn on personal hotspot on the iPhone which will enable Instant Hotspot for the Mac with a few clicks. So as long as the iPhone is nearby, one can never get offline on a Mac.

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