Oppo N3 will feature a Lithium Alloy body

Oppo N3 will feature a lithium body as shown in the teaser released by them. Oppo has added a description under the image that reads ‘The lightest metal elements into Oppo N3. Do you know what the world’s lightest metal element is?’


The handset will feature metal casing made up of Lithium alloy according to a post on Weibo. Another teased image by Oppo shows that the device is being carried away by a bunch of hot air balloons, thereby hinting the light weight of the device.

Oppo’s CEO, Chenming Yong, also wrote on the Weibo account

Lithium-aluminum has one-third the density of steel and still manages to be comparable in strength and that the metal is a lot lighter.


Oppo N3 will also have a new cooling system that covers the most heat-producing components of the device by special material. N3 has its expected launch date on October 29th in Singapore. The device will feature the swivel camera according to a publication report.

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