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Opera’s various Android web browsers reach 100m active users

According to a press release from Opera software, the Norwegian company’s web browser has reached 100 million active users on Android. That includes web users who’ve installed OperaOpera Mini, the data-saving Opera Max, and the outdated Opera Mobile Classic. India and China have the largest numbers of Opera Android users, with Indonesia, Russia, and Mexico also posting large gains. The company claims that its active users have doubled in a single year.


The Google Play Store doesn’t provide exact download numbers, but the total range for it’s four browser options is probably between 100,000,000 and half a billion. Google’s official Chrome browser has more, at least according to the Play Store metrics, but the nearest non-Google competitor is probably Dolphin Browser, with somewhere between 10 and 50 million downloads. The fact that it’s brand and mobile apps precede Chrome, and that the apps offer data-saving options not available elsewhere, probably makes them more attractive to users in developing markets.

The most popular among these browsers is Opera Mini, which has actually been around for much longer than Android. It debuted as a Java ME application to offer better web browsing for smartphones in 2005, before their massive boom in popularity after the iPhone. Opera users, both on mobile and the desktop, remain among some of the more outspoken software fans on the web. Hope Opera can keep up the good work.

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