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OnePlus One gets a permanent price cut of $50, now starts at USD 249

The ageing OnePlus One is still a killer device which went on a flash sale recently at discounted price. Now, the company has permanently discounted the device by $50 to make it more affordable than ever.


The OnePlus One will now be available for $249 for the 16GB Silk White variant and $299 for the 64GB Sandstone variant. However it will only be valid for purchases from the official website, which is a bummer for the Indian consumers as the pricing remains the same on Amazon India. OnePlus could change that though.

The official blog of OnePlus said:

Since launch, OnePlus has always been about disrupting the smartphone industry. The current market is saturated with devices vying for your attention with the misleading specs and unnecessary gimmicks. These devices often come with a hefty price tag as well, to accommodate retail channel costs, commercials on TV, and ads in the subway.

OnePlus was founder to actively break away from this business model. We designed the best phone we could – a user-driven, beautifully designed device – and sold it at cost to put great tech back in the hands of users. We dubbed the One the Flagship Killer because that’s how we imagined its role in this smartphone saga; a completely new way of thinking about consumer technology. As it turns out, over a million users around the world agreed.

Last week, we announced a limited $50 discount on the OnePlus One. We were blown away by the response in sales and took a hard look at the numbers to make sure are maintaining our commitment to our users. Over the past year, we’ve been able to increase our component orders with suppliers, and scale to a much more efficient level of operation. This has brought everything from the cost of components, engineering and assembly down, and in turn, the cost of the One.

Our experiment was a great success, and we received tons of positive feedback from our fans on social media. But we also know that some of you missed out on the sales. We want to ensure that all our fans have the opportunity to get the Flagship Killer at the special price, which leads us to some big news: the OnePlus One now starts at $249, permanently.

To celebrate this occasion, OnePlus has partnered with Dropbox to offer one year of Dropbox Pro subscription + 64GB Sandstone One bundle for only $349. The offer starts from June 10 (today) and will be there for a limited period. It is only valid in USA, Canada and EU.

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