OnePlus offering free Loop VR Headset ahead of OnePlus 3 launch

OnePlus CEO Carl Pei has announced that the OnePlus 3 will be introduced in a VR launch event. It will be a completely immersive experience, fully interactive 3D VR event. If we rewind back to July 2015, OnePlus 2 was the first smartphone to be launched in a virtual reality event. This time OnePlus has partnered with AntVR to unveil Loop VR Headset, which promises a more robust, immersive and comfortable experience, when compared to the original OnePlus Cardboard headset.

OnePlus offering free Loop VR Headset ahead of OnePlus 3 launch

Now focusing on the Loop VR headset, it comes with a 100-degree field of view, that fits 5 or 6-inch smartphones comfortably. It has Orthoscopic lenses and weighs just 366 grams. To obtain a distortion-free field of view, the users can fine-tune the lenses for accurate focus. It comes with adjustable straps and snug inner-padding. It also fits comfortably over glasses, in case you were wondering.

The OnePlus Loop VR Headset is available for free via the OnePlus website (including shipping), however only 30,000 headsets can be claimed for free. For Indian consumers, the VR headset will go on flash sale (app only) via Amazon India at Re. 1 (with additional shipping cost) on June 3 and June 7. You can register for the sale now.

OnePlus has not revealed the launch date of OnePlus 3 yet but it is expected to launch by the end of June.

Loop VR Headset

On this announcement, Carl Pei, CEO, OnePlus on the OnePlus forum, said:

We’re extremely excited about the OnePlus 3, but it’s important to remember that without you, we wouldn’t have made it this far. Actually, that’s why we decided to do VR launches in the first place. Instead of speaking to a few members of the press, to be able to bring all of you together at the same time, and same place. This is just as much your launch as it is ours. We can’t wait to see what’s next, so let’s find out – together.

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