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OnePlus introduces OxygenOS logo, team working on it

OnePlus named its new upcoming custom OS as ‘OxygenOS’ on couple of weeks back and promised to come back with more information on February 12. Today, the company is introducing its new logo inspired by OxygenOS and the team behind it. OnePlus One will be sold without ‘Invite’ every Tuesdays globally.


First of all “Why is OnePlus developing its own ROM?”

The company says by developing its own ROM, they can offer better localization and faster updates. They can implement user feedback by taking advice directly from the OnePlus community, which in turn will make the OS more suited for the users. It will be an integration between the hardware, software and the cloud. That’s how Apple Inc operates and OnePlus seems to be following their path.

“Who are working on the OxygenOS team?”

OnePlus had an amazing team of talented industrial designers and mechanical engineers in the world but they have realised building a ROM would require complete different set of skills. Thus, the company decided to hire from outside who are connected to Android developer community and are known to create pure, user-driver experience.

Helen, a software development engineer and program manager at Microsoft is joining the OnePlus team as ‘Head of Mobile Product’ and will lead and coordinate the OxygenOS team.

Aaron, co-founder of Paranoid Android, a popular Android ROM is also joining the team as ‘Android Technical Lead’. He has made custom ROMs since the age of 18 and has developed “cookies&cream” for the Nexus 7. He has also worked for Intel and has also assisted in the delivery of Android Lollipop OTA.

Arz, an Indian who is just 19 years of age will join as ‘UI/UX Designer’. He has extensive experience in graphic design and possess in-depth knowledge of Android theming, which includes UI frameworks. He was also a lead designer at Paranoid Android and has created some of the most popular themes on the Play Store.

The ‘Android Development Team’ has Carlo from Italy and Hieu from Canada who are from Paranoid Android as well. Jesús from Columbia who is a co-founder of Paranoid Android and is working on an OxygenOS headline feature (which will be revealed soon). Karim from Lebanon who was a software development intern at Google and an entrepreneur. He is responsible for the OxygenOS recovery module. Yamil from Spain who is the “master of enterprise code”. He will be responsible for the OxygenOS recovery module.

There are more than 50 engineers and testers working behind the scenes but these people are the most important ones who are working on the upcoming OxygenOS.

“What can be expected from OxygenOS?”

Most important feature is, it will not come loaded with any bloatware. OnePlus plans to keep it clean and streamlined for performance. OxygenOS will be battery life and system efficient. It will stay true to its name and offer a seamless experience which is lightweight and essential.

The new ‘OxygenOS OnePlus Logo’ is a testimonial to that fact. The logo has a familiar shape and design and is also dominated by red, contrasting the negative space which characterises the OnePlus logo.

OnePlus will need some more time to deliver a stable version of OxygenOS. As it is their first major software release, they would ensure that everything is solid and stable before making it available for download. So have some patience and sit tight and thus Never Settle.

Go through OnePlus’ “Annual Report for 2014”.

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