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OnePlus DR-1 denied entry in India, drones prohibited in country

OnePlus DR-1 was announced as April Fool’s Day prank but is a real product. The drone priced at US $19.99 was available via pre-order and external sources, is a limited edition product.


OnePlus DR-1, in limited quantity was scheduled to arrive in India but has hit turbulence. The company shipped a limited number of products for handing it out to contest winners and testing purposes. However, the customs department did not release the products in spite of OnePlus’ best efforts. Since drones are prohibited in India, the OnePlus DR-1 were destroyed by the officials.

Official blogpost from OnePlus India said,

“We feel really bummed out about this and more so for our fans who have been waiting patiently to experience our special edition product. To make it up to you super fans, we are handing out OnePlus Power Banks in lieu of the DR-1s to the following winners who participated in the giveaways to win a free drone earlier.”

We have seen consumers importing drones in India without any hassle but OnePlus’ turbulence might be due to bulk import. We do not know much about the Indian law regarding drones but would request our friends at RC Drone Arena to guide us (blog post) on this matter.

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