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OnePlus 2 will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 v2.1

OnePlus, a global technology startup is gearing up to launch their second device – the OnePlus 2. It was being speculated for a long time that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 chipset will power the device and the company has confirmed it.


The OnePlus 2 is about to launch in a couple of weeks according to speculations and we have the first official confirmation about the device. It will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC. After the 810 chipset debuted in a number of devices this year, it was heavily criticised due to heating issues.

OnePlus will be using the Version 2.1 810 chipset which has been specially engineered for the OnePlus 2. On the official blogpost, Pete said,

“Today, I am proud to share with you that our eagerly awaited OnePlus 2 will come loaded with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 v2.1 processor, engineering for OnePlus and our next generation flagship phone. Just like we did with the OnePlus One, our engineers debated endlessly over which CPU would be the perfect fit for the 2. While we played around with other options, we always came back to the 810. Its speed and ability to multitask while maintaining optimal battery performance remain unmatched amongst others in the industry.

Dubbed as the “ultimate connected computer processor”, the 810 v2.1 puts desktop-grade computing power into the palm of your hands. With eight CPU cores and 64-bit computing, we chose the 810 to be the driving force behind the OnePlus 2’s impressive specs. When paired with the 2, this means better video, a quicker camera and an unbelievable gaming experience.

Features that the 810 support include streaming 4K Ultra HD video, amazingly crispy and fast photos with one quick snap, immersive 3D gaming brought to you by the first-in-class Adreno 430 GPU, high-quality video streaming that uses less bandwidth, and exceptional battery life.”

OnePlus acknowledges the issues regarding 810 and it getting heated. The company is ensuring that the OnePlus 2 will be “cooler than ever”.

“Although there have been reports that the 810 runs warmer than its predecessors, we assure you that we have taken all the necessary precautions and beyond to prevent this from occurring  in the 2. We worked very closely with Qualcomm’s engineers to integrate an improved version of the chipset (v2.1) in the OnePlus 2, and fine-tuned both hardware and software. The 2 will be “cooler than ever”.

Inside the 2, the 810 consists of several CPU processors. Layered on top of these processors is both thermal gel and graphite place across different areas of the phone. This graphite ensures that heat generated from the processors will dissipate evenly, as opposed to being concentrated and leading to performance issues. After rigorous testing, the 2 meters the industry standards for phone temperature even with hours of use.

The OnePlus 2 will run on the in-house Oxygen OS out of the box. Bye Cyanogen! OnePlus has optimized 810 with OxygenOS and have created a proprietary technology. To put it in simple terms, “one of the ROM’s features is to intuitively know which processor should be used for what task, and it avoids using two or more processors that are right next to each other.”

OnePlus team is confident about the OnePlus 2 and according to them it boasts outstanding specs. It still remains to be seen if the “Snapdragon 810 v2.1” performs as promised or still heats up.

Currently, OnePlus One had a permanent price cut and now starts at US $249.

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