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The Official Name for Android L might be ‘Lemon Meringue Pie’.

There had been an eagerness among people around the globe about the nomenclature of the Android L developer preview. Multiple official sources in code and documentation hints at a newer name for Android L. It’s unlikely that Google will give the release an official name until final builds are available but its source code has hinted us on something new at-least.

This extract from the Android SDK mentions the current preview builds of Android L available for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 as the “lmp-preview-release.”

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<color name=”cardview_dark_background”>#FF202020</color>

<color name=”cardview_light_background”>#FFFAFAFA</color>

<color name=”cardview_shadow_end_color”>#03000000</color>

<color name=”cardview_shadow_start_color”>#37000000</color>

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<declare-styleable name=”CardView”>

<attr name=”cardBackgroundColor” format=”color” />

<attr name=”cardCornerRadius” format=”dimension” />


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<dimen name=”cardview_default_radius”>2dp

<dimen name=”cardview_elevation”>2dp

<dimen name=”cardview_shadow_size”>2dp</dimen>

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Searching for “lmp” on the Android Open Source Project repository gives nine hits, one of which refers directly to “LMP” in the subject heading.Android Project Source

The WiFi certification  for HTC’s “flounder” tablet, AKA the Volantis, which will probably come to market as the Nexus 9 has the Firmware specifically labeled “LMP”.


The internal nomenclature for the Android L release is LMP. But keep in mind, Android 4.4 was known as “KLP” – Key Lime Pie – in internal documents right up to the point when Google announced its surreal promotion with Nestle’s KitKat brand of chocolate bars and named it KitKat. Let’s see what Google has in mind this time.

Source: AndroidPolice

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