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The new updated Gmail app starts rolling out for all users

We have already discussed about the new Gmail app which got a new redesigned interface with the intuitive Material Design and the ability to add other email accounts like Yahoo, Outlook etc. in it. But the crispy and colorful UI is just icing on the cake. Google has teased a demo video last week hinting at its roll out soon. Good news for all! The new app is now available for download.


Earlier today Google has started rolling out the new Gmail app. The new Gmail app looks very trendy and colorful with lots of new features. At the startup it would ask for adding new accounts which is the major change in the new version. As part of the new design, Google has added a convenient reply button at the bottom of every message. According to the company, it has been done to make it quick and easy to continue a conversation when you are on the go.

Google will be pushing the new calendar app in some days which will have great integration with the new Gmail app. It will fetch appointments, meetings and other events from your inbox and create an event.

Google has also launched Inbox which is an email client from Gmail but isn’t Gmail. It is only available by Invite only at the moment.

Well we’ll let you know more about the new Gmail app soon. Let’s get our hands on it till the time being.

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