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The new pocket sized Raspberry Pi is now 6 times faster

The original Raspberry Pi already made a mark, the credit-card sized pocket PC which was capable of doing so many things and coming at a price tag of just $35. The Raspberry Pi Foundation and element14 have revealed the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B in London yesterday.Raspberry Pi 2

The sequel of the Raspberry Pi comes with a great configuration. The newer board is 6-times faster than the previous model with the help of new Broadcom quad core chip along with 1GB of RAM. The company also claimed that the new Raspberry model boots up in less than half the time of its previous ones. Now it can connect up to four USB devices, thanks to the expanded number of GPIO pins.

Mike Powell, Technology Development Manager at element14, said about the new Raspberry model

The new model better fulfils the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s original mission. The aim was to put computing into the hands of a lot of people around the world for $35. That was fine but you had to be a little forgiving about the performance. It was good but it was never going to be a computer that could do a lot. The new model runs like a PC which is a great leap for the same price point.

Raspberry Pi 2-1He also adds that the Raspberry Pi 2 looks a lot like the B+. The projects build on its previous version will still works with the newer variant. The Raspberry Pi 2 has also got the same connectivity network and GPU like the previous variant. Moreover the newer model has slightly bigger cache in the device helping in pipelining between the memory and the CPU.

The Credit card sized Raspberry 2 packs a power-house into itself within a single chip and has the potential to do well. The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B is still priced at $35, same like its previous version.


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