New online tool by Facebook could be a boon to many

Facebook unveiled a new online tool that will allow advertisers across the globe to test the effectiveness of the ads they post to Facebook. The tool offers what Facebook calls “conversion lift” testing, and in essence, it’s a means of tracking the behavior of Facebook users, both online and offline, after they’re exposed to particular ads.


The update will let people post for an item for sale on the site. Previously the social-networking giant had a special group for taking care of buying and selling of certain types of item which was known as ‘For Sales Group’. The latest update to the service adds an option in addition to the ‘post’ button inside groups that allows users to share items directly via a ‘sell’ button. Users can add information and describe the item, its price and place of pick-up or delivery. Apart from this update Facebook has also announced the app for India which will let users access to free basic internet services for FREE.

The new service move is just one way that the giants of the net and a wide range of other companies are working to show that modern technology can not only deliver ads in more pointed ways, but actually prove that people are responding to ads. Google, Twitter, and Adobe are the other big names here.

Moreover the tool will give seller the ability to update a post as still ‘available’ or ‘sold’ and check for a track for previously sold items. The social-networking giant also added that the new features will be rolled out in the coming months to all For Sale groups across iOS, Android, and the Web.

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