New Lightning Cable with Reversible USB Connector Surfaced Online

A report past May from ‘Mac Otakara’ claimed that Apple is preparing an upgraded Lightning cable to accommodate high-definition playback for new iPhone audio accessories, which may include a next-generation version of its In-Ear Headphones.

Apple may be shipping a new Lightning cable that features a reversible USB connector with forthcoming iOS devices.a few photos of the new cables said to be from Apple supplier Foxconn, with the images showing a USB connector that is attached to the center of its metal casing. Apple also introduced Lightning Cable MFi specifications for headphones in June, which could also be integrated with newer Lightning cables.

reversible_lightning_1 reversible_lightning_2

It is possible that Apple could ship new Lightning cables to match the forthcoming USB 3.1 cables that will soon come with newer smartphones. As revealed last week by the USB 3.0 Promoter Group, the USB 3.1 Type-C cable comes with reversible ends and will start shipping next year.Let us remind you that a Apple patent for a reversible USB connector also surfaced last month.

The Cupertino based firm is set to release its next Flagship device this coming month.Lets keep our hopes high for the upcoming device

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