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Multiple Xiaomi Mi 3 bought to make quick cash

Xiaomi has managed to sell out stocks of Mi 3 in all the flash sales so far in record time so far but has the genuinely interested fans have been able to get their hands on one? Let’s find out.

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As we reported on our previous post, 20,000 Xiaomi Mi 3 were sold out in 2.4 seconds today. All fine and good but I have noticed people willing to sell their brand new Xiaomi Mi 3 which they have purchased today. Why is it so? Do they not like the phone, then why would they take the pain to buy it in the first place? Actually, people are making quick hard cash selling their used or brand new Mi 3 by selling it in range of Rs.15000-18000.

As Xiaomi Mi 3 is a great phone worth Rs.25.000 atleast for its specs, people are willing to pay couple of thousand bucks above its MRP of 13,999 to get hold of it. So now comes the people who are ordering multiple Xiaomi Mi 3 from Flipkart & selling it on eBay, OLX and even on Facebook groups.

We doubt even Xiaomi has this kind of profit margins on Mi 3. This is immoral and absolutely unfair to people who are genuinely interested in getting the Xiaomi Mi 3. We don’t think Mi India or Flipkart can take any steps to curb this menace but we would surely urge them to look into the matter if possible.

Visit the following Facebook groups to have a look at how people are bargaining to sell/buy the Xiaomi Mi 3: 1. Xiaomi MI India, 2. Xiaomi Mi3 India, 3. Xiaomi Fans

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  • Santanu Maity

    LOL. What is unfair? Who are stopping those slow people to grab Mi3? And who said to buy from ebay and olx at higher price? but still people buys from them. The profit they take is worth it because they are lucky. There is no trick. It is all about speed and luck. If they are black marketing, dont blame them, stop those people who are buying from them. 🙂

    • TheTecholic

      It’s taking advantage of the situation. We are glad that due to this article, a group of people has come with a noble cause up to help the people who has slow internet or no luck at all. This is humanity. Read more: Xiaomi Mi 3 to go on sale tomorrow again; Xiaomi Mi India (Facebook group) to help buyers