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Motorola has announced Moto Hint: World’s tiniest Bluetooth headset

Motorola was supposed to launch a bluetooth device according to their Press Conference’s image. So, today after announcing the new Moto X, Moto G and Moto 360, it was time for the announcement of Moto Hint. It is the world’s tiniest bluetooth headset.


Motorola today launched the smallest voice-controlled Bluetooth headset, named Moto Hint. It’s a discreet wireless earbud which fits well into your ear and gives you complete control over your phone, which lets you access almost everything you need via voice control. (Note: Is this the beginning of what was being shown in the movie “Her“? I think it is. Do watch the movie, if you haven’t, its brilliant).

With Moto Hint, the aim is to let you stay focussed on the work and control your smartphone without lifting a finger. You can pair it with your smartphone and ask questions like, “What’s today’s forecast?” or “How do I get home?” and get direct answers in your ear. You can also use it to hear notifications, make calls and send messages without touching or glancing your phone.


The Moto Hint needs to be paired with a smartphone, then after you put it in your ear, it automatically turns on because of IR proximity sensor. Similarly, when you will take it off, it will turn itself off. After it is turned off, calls will be automatically routed to your smartphone. It seems very neat and simple. It is also compatible with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone and it has a range of 150 feet from the smartphone, impressive. It will also come in a variety of natural materials and colours.


The bluetooth device comes with a charging case which will give 10 hours battery three times and is also as small as a key chain. It will give around 100 hours Standby time.

The Moto Hint is Motorola’s attempt at reinventing the Bluetooth headset segment and I’m sure it will be able to do it when it launches. It will retail for $149.99 but there is no time frame mentioned for launch and has been marked as “coming soon”.

Source: Motorola
Image Courtesy & Via: BGR India

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