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Mobogenie 2.0 Android Store launched with new design and features

Mobogenie, founded in 2013 is a company that develops applications for Android and mobile devices management applications for PC. The company is now out with Mobogenie 2.0 Android Store and Mobogenie 3.0 for PC – a powerful mobile device sync and store manager.


Mobogenie recently released a new version of their Android app marketplace which is now known as ‘Mobogenie 2.0 Android Store’. This now makes it an Android entertainment hub which was previously just an Android app store. Lets have a look at the new updated features.

Smart and highly intuitive exploration

Mobogenie 2.0 aims to redefine how users interact with their smartphone, featuring smart and highly intuitive exploration for easy access to apps, games, pictures & wallpapers, videos and eBooks.


Ease-of-use with chic and clean design

Mobogenie is easy to use which makes it better than other major players in the market. There is no need to login every time while downloading content which saves precious time. The scroll-through design allows for endless exploration with the flick of a finger, while Mobogenie makes sure the hottest content stays instantly accessible. The top navigation toolbar allows for seamless selection between content categories at all times. A swipe to the right side gives the user access to a detailed sidebar, allowing for simple management of downloaded files, backing up data to PC, and sharing with friends via major social networking platforms.


Built-in cleaner

Mobogenie 2.0 Android Store is on of the few all-in-one stores on the market with a built-in clean up feature. Cleaning will help you free up more memory and get rid of unwanted junk. This will ensure you have more space in your smartphone and it runs at its absolute best.


Localized interface with support for 30 languages

Mobogenie 2.0 Android Store provides you with a thoughtful, localized selection of the best apps and gives suggestions based on user tags and data. The company is also committed in bringing the most relevant local experience for its users with global offices covering all continents that makes sure content stays localized. On-point recommendations in all content categories make it easy to find what’s best and eliminate the hassle of finding quality products through trial and error.


Enhanced security for downloadable content

A senior official from Mobogenie said,

‘User protection is of prime importance to us, and ease of installation does not come at the expense of privacy and security. We ensure user safety by making sure all our available content has been updated throughly scanned with up-to-the-minute versions of Kaspersky, Norton and McAfee anti-virus software.’

There has been more than 440 million installations till date and Mobogenie 2.0 Android Store is fast becoming the leading one choice Android store for user all over the world. It is now available in more than 23 languages, which makes user-friendly design accessible to locals everywhere.

Download link: Mobogenie 2.0 Android Store

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