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Misfit Flash Link activity tracker unveiled for USD 19.99

Misfit Flash Link activity tracker has been announced by the makers of Shine and Flash Fitness and Sleep Monitors. Lets look at its features and specifications.


Misfit Flash Link Specifications & Features

The Misfit Flash Link will track our daily activities like running, walking, steps and more. It is made to be durable and water-resistant up to 30 metres. The device has a replaceable coin cell battery which promises battery life up to 6 months. It is epic considering Xiaomi Mi Band has a battery life of around one month.

However this is not only a fitness tracker, the Flash Link’s smart button can help in other activities like controlling music on our phone, taking selfies or making advanced slide presentations. The small device is connected with the Misfit Link app. The company promises more additional functionalities and activities are coming to the app such as IFTTT and Logitech Harmony integrations. Currently, the Misfit Link app is only available on iOS but according to the company, the Android app will be launched in August.


The Misfit Flash Link also comes with a companion clip, so that it can be carried anywhere. It is available on for US $19.99. It will be hitting the retail stores across the world in next quarter.

On this occasion, Tim Golnik, VP, Product & Design, Misfit said,

“We are focused on making products everyone can use. Flash Link is not just a more affordable wearable, it’s a more powerful one.”

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