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Microsoft’s One Note got iOS extention support

Microsoft has updated the One Note app for iPhone and iPad with iOS extension support. The new functionality lets users share content from apps using One Note . The new One Note app got social media ability and hence it appears in media channels like Facebook, Twitter etc. The app lets user save photos, send attachments directly to One Note without leaving the app. Users will also be able to transfer their email attachments to Microsoft’s cloud.


Features of the One Note app for iOS 8

  • You can select exactly where you’d like to store your content—just tap Location and select your preferred notebook and section.OneNote automatically populates the title field with the name of the webpage. Simply tap to edit.
  • If you want to add some additional notes to your clipping, whether it be some extra context or just something you want to make sure you don’t forget, just add it to the Note field.
  • If you’ve got an internet connection, One Note will show you a preview of the webpage and will include the entire webpage when it’s saved it to your notes.
  • Don’t worry, the URL is saved for you as well, in case you’d like to return to the page later or on another device.

Download link for the One Note app for iPhone and iPad.

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