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Microsoft updates OneDrive mobile apps

Microsoft has updated OneDrive apps on Android, iOS and Windows phone which can be readily downloaded from respective app stores (Links provided below). The cloud storage app for Android has added support for OneDrive for Business.


Jason Moore in OneDrive blog post said,

Our Android update is starting to roll out today, and with it, you can now access both your personal and work accounts. This is the first example of how we’re creating a single, unified OneDrive experience that holistically addresses what people, businesses, and IT managers need. Because people are increasingly using the same devices and apps to get things done at work and at home, the ability to store and share files in the cloud is essential on both fronts

The update enables users to sign in with either their personal or business OneDrive accounts. Microsoft is trying to make it easier for users to distinguish  files, docs and photos from personal and professional OneDrive accounts. The company has also added an extra security layer on OneDrive for Android, allowing users to protect data with pin codes. In addition, OneDrive data may also be accessed from other apps.


Microsoft has also updated OneDrive for iOS.  Added a native search and an “All Photo” view, allowing users of Apple products to view an overview of images stored on OneDrive in card-style format. Finally, the Windows Phone app for OneDrive will now enables access to OneDrive’s recycle bin features along with number of bug fixes.

You can download the OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) from

Microsoft havebeen reviewing apps in Windows Store and been trying to provide quality Apps like iOS and Android. They have removed over 1500 apps in the survey conducted . If you missed it, do check it out here.

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