Microsoft announces its Outlook email app for Android and iOS

Microsoft Outlook, the software giant’s Office productivity software suite, is now available on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems. The move comes from the company after acquiring mobile mobile email start-up Acompli last month. Last week in an event the software giant also demoed the new apps on Windows 10 which would be free to upgrade for the 1st year.


On Jan. 29, Julia White, general manager of the Office Product Management team, announced the release of Outlook for iOS and a preview of Outlook for Android. She also quoted in a blog post on The Official Microsoft Blog saying

“We have received tremendous customer request for Outlook across all devices, so we are thrilled to fulfill this for our customers,”

Outlook will let you manage your work and personal email on your phone and tablet . These new apps will be repackaged versions of the Acompli app and visitors of the app on Android and iOS will be directed to Outlook. The Outlook app separates mail into two tabs — Focused and Other. The important e-mails will be placed in the Focused inbox and everything else in Other. Users can view calendar and suggest a meeting time to a contact by tapping on an available time slot in your schedule right from the emails compose window. It also offers attachment integration that supports OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and iCloud.


Moreover there is a “Schedule Email” feature that temporarily removes e-mails from your inbox and returns at a time of your choosing. Speaking of the availability of apps, currently, Outlook for Android will be in preview for months while the iOS one is already available.

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