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Mi 4 16GB can now be purchased from Flipkart without registration

Xiaomi Mi 4 16GB is now available normally without registration. You can buy the flagship device from Xiaomi anytime you want from Flipkart for Rs 19,999. Earlier, Redmi Note 4G also went on normal online sale.


Xiaomi launched the Mi 4 16GB on January 28 for Rs 19,999 on Flipkart. There was outrage all over the social media on how Xiaomi has overpriced the device without giving 4G LTE, colour and storage options. It was quite a steep rise in price over the last flagship Mi 3.

However, it went on its first pilot sale on February 10 with 25,000 units and sold out in 15 seconds. Then 35,000 units of Mi 4 16GB went on second flash sale on February 17 but did not sell out. Meanwhile, the Mi 4 64GB was announced for Rs 23,999. Both Mi 4 16GB and Mi 4 64GB went on sale on February 24 at 2PM and 5PM respectively on Flipkart. There was no official confirmation on the number of devices that were available for purchase. Still, the Mi 4 did not sell out once again and according to Xiaomi the Mi 4 64GB was sold out within 1 minute. How many devices were sold in 1 minute is unknown but we are expecting it to be around 10,000-15,000.

OnePlus One launching the 16GB Silk White variant for Rs 18,999 made it tough as well. So, realising no demand for the Mi 4 16GB variant, it is put on open sale now. You can purchase the phone anytime on Flipkart as any other device which do not follow the flash sale method. Although, the Mi 4 64GB variant will go on its second flash sale on March 3. Register now if you want to buy it.

So the question which comes to our mind is, “Did Xiaomi see huge demand for the Mi 3 because of the lower price point?“, “Will Xiaomi see demand in India when it launches the more pricier Mi Note and Mi Note Pro?” or “Will Xiaomi remain an online niche product for the tech savvy Indians and not become a mass market brand?” We will certainly know the answer within a year or two.

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  • Subhajyoti Golui

    They should made this decision on MI3 or Redmi sell..OPO is better option than this..