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Junglee Games launches HowZat Cricket Version 2.0

The ICC World Cup 2015 is on and Team India is unbeaten till now. With the ‘mauka mauka‘ ads sending the nation into a frenzy, Junglee Games has launched HowZat Cricket version 2.0 which promises to make your world cup experience even better. Click here to play the game on Facebook for free.


Junglee Games, a leading game development company has launched version 2.0 of HowZat Cricket. It is one of the most popular games on Facebook which has gotten even better now.

How does HowZat Cricket works?

The HowZat Cricket app will let you select your favourite team from the 14 top class contenders. It has Single Challenge, Multiplayer Battles or invite friends to take up Friendly Challenge modes to get your appetite going. The new improved version promises extra thrill with varied ways to time and handle power strokes, new cricketing gear, leaderboards and Glory Points which will let you win huge amounts of cash with every game.

Built completely from the group-up, the HowZat Cricket version 2.0 has a redefined UI with a Win Prizes section which will let you compete with each other to win prizes throughout the ICC World Cup 2015. The slick, fast and adrenaline-pumping game enable gamers to be the star player plus captain and bag all three stars in the Single Challenge mode to improve player stats and earn extra cash as you complete each level. The Multiplayer Battles will let you test your skills through the Knockout and Hot Chase tournaments where you can try 22 different shots in 5 overs maximum with varying pace and spin, the right placement and timing to hit those soaring sixes.

If you do not wish to play HowZat Cricket alone, invite your Facebook friends to compete in the Friendly Challenge mode. You can also use added features like shopping for a new gears, sharpen your power and control. The Glory Points and Leaderboard will make you revisit the game every now and then for a reward, which will help you score more in challenges and win big Cash prizes. You can check out the Weekly Glory Tab to monitor your position against other players in India and all over the world.

On this occasion, Satya Mahapatra, CMO of Junglee Games said,

“The app is specially designed for cricket-fanatics and we couldn’t think of a better occasion for the launch of its new version than ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. The new version has gone live on the 5th of March, 2015. HowZat already boasts of over 5 lakh matches being played on a daily basis, making it the leading game in the sports category. We are sure of garnering more appeal with the prevailing cricketing spirit taking the nation in its grip.”

Unveiling cutting-edge features, the advanced HowZat Cricket application by Junglee Games will augment the gaming experience of cricket buffs like never before. To play the game, simply login to your Facebook account or login to the HowZat Cricket website to play the best social multiplayer cricket game for free.

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