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iWatch to be unveiled along side iPhone 6 on September 9 event

Apple has sent out the media invite today for its September 9 event confirming the iPhone 6 launch, but is there a twist in the tale? iWatch can also be part of this event, according to Re/Code.


We have had almost every part of iPhone 6 get leaked till now but we haven’t seen the iWatch leak yet. So Apple might just unveil the device and it might go on sale later this year or early next year. Thus, production hasn’t kicked off yet and there are no leaked images, as most of them are leaked from the factories in China.

The iWatch has been rumoured to come in two different sizes and different materials where the pricing could range from $300-$1000. The rumoured sizes varies from 1.3-inch to 2.5-inch and we believe it will come in two different sizes.

Apple’s media event tagline says, “Wish we could say more” and thus confirms it has more than two iPhones to showcase on September 9. The iWatch will supposedly “make good use” of both Healthkit and Homekit which were introduced in WWDC and will play a huge role in iOS 8. The Healthkit API uses iOS 8’s Health app, which focuses on health and fitness. The Homekit taps into home automation platform which has been designed to allow users to control a variety of connected devices.

Whether the smartwatch will be called an iWatch or not is still speculative. Most of the sites have called it iWatch and Apple might throw in a surprise by calling it ‘iTime‘ or something else.

Well, the smartwatch market has really heated up with Samsung, LG, Motorola, Asus stepping up with their Android Wear devices and the world awaits a smartwatch from Apple. The battle is going to be intense and is very much on. We would be able to make out who wins Round 1 when Apple unveils the smartwatch on September 9.

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