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iPhone 6’s Sapphire durability test

Apple’s new Sapphire display is in talks these days. Earlier Apple used to employ sapphire glass on the camera lens since its highly scratch resistant. But Apple will be putting Sapphire glass on the front LCD panel on selected model of iPhone 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch and have started mass producing sapphire to be implemented on its future product. Will that be beneficial?? Let’s see further into it.

iPhone6 Sapphire display

Repair experts at uBreakiFix have examined the impact resistance, scratch resistance and strength of sapphire glass in a series of tests that were published today. The tests were designed to determine whether sapphire is suitable for use as a smartphone display.

The test were conducted at 3 different levels.

  •  A scratch resistance comparison using a tungsten carbide drill bit.
  •  A drop test with the sapphire display of the newly released Kyocera Brigadier.
  •  A four-point bend test to compare the failure stress and strain of sapphire glass with that of Gorilla Glass.

The results of uBreakiFix’s tests show that sapphire is significantly more scratch resistant and 25 percent stronger than Gorilla Glass, but it is much more susceptible to impacts due to its brittleness.

The technicians conclude that sapphire does not necessarily offer any advantage over Gorilla Glass, as the material’s superior scratch resistance and strength is offset by its low impact resistance. Phone manufacturers that include a sapphire display may choose to employ other protective measures such as a raised bezel to help protect the phone during impact with other surfaces.

Via: MacRumors

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