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iPhone 6 might feature the new Qualcomm MDM9625 LTE Modem

GeekBar shared a photo of a device’s logic board which might be incorporated with the upcoming iPhone 6. The device is a Qualcomm MDM9625 LTE Modem.

Qualcomm MDM9625 LTE Modem is the higher iteration of its predecessor MDM9615 which was used in iPhone 5 and 5s. MDM9625 also features support for speeds of up to 150 MBPS and improved LTE networking. This LTE Modem is more durable than its predecessor and allows lower temperature under heavy performance due to its new 28 nm architecture. Qualcomm MDM9625 LTE Modem also supports next generation LTE Advanced Networks.qualcomm_mdm9625

GeekBar also posted a supposed schematic from the iPhone 6 yesterday, which appeared to show support for near field communications (NFC) in the device. The schematic also references a NAND flash chip, which was originally interpreted by the website to be 1 GB of DRAM in the device.

Apple will announce the iPhone 6 at an event on Tuesday, September 9. It may hold back the release of the 5.5-inch version until late this year or early next year due to production issues.

Source: Macrumors




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