iPhone 6 gets a score of 7 by iFixit

iPhone 6 was announced last week at a media event by Apple and the device went on sale yesterday in selected markets. Following the trend, iFixit dismantles every flagship device after they are released and gives a reparability score. The folks at iFixit managed to grab an iPhone 6 and carried out their further process.

iPhone 6-iFixit

Apple’s latest flagship managed to score 7 on the scale of reparability. The lower the score, the tough repairing the device and vice versa. Thanks to the folks for giving us a look of what’s actually inside the beast device. The teardown experts weren’t satisfied with the proprietary pentalobe screws the Cupertino giants use in their iPhones.

Upon removing the back-panel, the first thing we get to see is the 1,810 mAh battery. The battery was the easiest part to remove from the device followed by the display assembly. The Touch-ID sensor got re-routed to a safer place from its usual place in the previous iPhone.

The device’s logic board comprise the A8 chip along with 1GB SK Hynix RAM and 16GB of NAND chip made by Sandisk. Apple hasn’t shared any details about repairing the iPhone with third-party repair shops which is bad on their part.

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